Sunday, August 7, 2011

I want to express my frustration on your online store, especially when it comes to an new item. I've tried to check every hour for a new item and then all of a sudden when it finally shows up, it indicates that it is out of stock already...I think you guy

Thank you for your message and it is very important to hear from a customer just like you pointing out what our next goals are.

My personal apology to your frustration for not able to get the items you want from our store. We do understand how frustrate this can be since most of our customers feel the same way and sending us the same messages to us just like you everyday. We are still a small family-own franchise and not able to keep hundreds of the same items in our limited budget and stock room space at this point. Plus, some items are hard to obtain even for the toy shops in Japan due to their popularity.

Most of our toys are only sold in Japan's domestic market as you know, and the numbers that we can get for the rest of the world is not as much as we want to have.

Despite the fact we can not bring our latest toys as many as our frustrated customers need, we would like to take it as our customers' trust in us and encouragement for us to continue providing the best quality services we can bring them. And we will continue to raise up our bars and goals we set for our customers and friends in the world.

We know one thing. We don't just sell our toys. But we touch our customers with our toys, packing, live shows, videos, and our proud cultural background of Super Sentai and Kamen Riders.

We will bring more toys to our stores :-)

Thank you.

Masaki Seike
Japan Regional Director

Shipping, packages, items, stock, etc.