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It started when we opened our first physical store in Okaido, Matsuyama, Japan, in Sept. 2009. Since our Okaido store faces to Okaido, the main shopping street in downtown Matsuyama, there are many chances for us and our customers to express ourselves and our talents. "Show Your Talent in Matsuyama (later named as SYTiM) has began with many drawings from our customers and we used to put them on the board in our store for everybody to see them. In early Summer of 2010, our store regulation has changed unfortunately and we have not been able to display our customers' works on the same board until now.

However, we have expanded our idea to the our familiar virtual world and here we are launching SYTiM again. Hope you will enjoy all the talents posted to us so far and more to come here on this page.

SYTiM Application Form

Please fill out all the required forms below. To be listed on our website, please make sure to include "SYTiM" in the title of your uploading images. This will help us to put your work easily onto our website. If possible, adding a tag "sytim" to your works will have much chance to be appeared in our site.

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