Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello, I added recently activated W Driver to cart, so I guess I "own" this item already. But When I'm trying to "Proceed to checkout" it just shows error. What can I do now?

According to Prostores' Support center, most of shopping carts are made for the first customer who pays first. It means keeping the last item in a cart does not mean you own it and if someone pays before you, since they have the same last item in their cart as well, and it is theirs. Since this is the standard procedure how the system operates we can not do anything about it.

We understand this is not the system issue, but our lack of restocking ability. Since we are still small team with limited wholesale distribution lines, we need to grow more and we seek your future support as well.

We appreciate your question. Thank you.

CSTOYS International

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