Friday, July 22, 2011

Is there a way to know the shipping cost without adding the item to my cart (In case I can't afford the shipping cost, for whatever reason, or just for general convinience)?

Unfortunately, there is no other ways to find out your shipping cost unless you use our shopping cart. And you can cancel the cart anytime.

As you know we sell our items internationally beyond the borders and Japan Post Service has all different shipping fees for each country, each item, each shipping method like SAL, Airmail, and EMS. In addition, our customers prefers to purchase several items in one shopping cart. All of these facts make shipping calculation complicated to do manually for all of our over thousands customers at one time.

We need our shopping carts to work with our individual customers to do the right job for them and for us.

We wish there is another better way to give our customers one shot shipping fee before they even use our shopping carts. If you know any other solutions to this, we are all ears for you.

Thank you for being interested in our service and we will continue to bring the best service we can offer to all the tokusatsu fans :D

CSTOYS International

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