Sunday, June 26, 2011

Capsule Toys go for No Capsules

Say hello to Internet :-)

Hope you are doing alright and we have one announcement for our Capsule Toys.

We have been sending those plastic capsule containers together with what you are buying for like, Sound Gaia Memories, OOO Medals, or Rnager keys, etc. And we have decided to change how we handle these containers with following reasons:

  1. Not Ecological
    We realized our customers are buying the contents, but not the containers. And with understanding what will happen to those containers after they reached their new owners' door,  we think it is not really good idea to send the plastic capsule containers together with what our customers truly need.

    You may ask for the protection of your capsule toys themselves, but we have been packing each of the capsule toys with bubble wraps nowadays and we don't see any reason why we need to send the empty capsules unless our customers really need them.
  2. Too Much Time and Cost
    As our Capsule toys are becoming more and more popular among our customers, we notice that we are spending more time on handling those empty capsules. This has been consuming more time of our packing procedure and this could be avoided and improve our both entire packing and shipping out time.
  3. In Case You Really Need Them
    We have added our new product called "CAPSULE" and they are FREE. Yes, they are free of charge however you need to pay for the shipping and handling fee for them.
To let our customers know how we handle the capsules, we have added the following cautions on our Capsule Toy Lines:

[NOTICE] To save shipping cost and energy, we no longer send the plastic capsule container for Gashapon merchandises anymore. If you need to obtain these, you need to order for them separately. The Price is free, however we charge for the shipping and handling. And these plastic capsules must be purchased at the same time you purchase the item inside of the capsules. We do not sell the capsules separately.

Hope this helps you saving little less shipping fee, packing time, getting your items little faster and being little proud of what you are doing for the environment. 

CSTOYS International