Wednesday, June 15, 2011

is it safe to order after the 2011 tsunami

If you are asking about "safe", we take it as "How safe it will be to order CSTOYS' items? Will they be sending my order items?"

And then we say yes, it is safe to order and we ship out our items every Tuesday and Friday. And for your information, we are located in the western part of Japan and very far from Fukushima or the disaster occurred.

We see you are worried about Tsunami or Earthquakes or could it be about. We don't know if there will be another ones soon or not, and actually no one can tell. All we can say is that Japanese people have been living in this country for more than 2000 years and we have been dealing with them. Yes, we have been suffered but we also have been rebuilt this country again, again and again.

We deal at our best no matter what. And we will contact you by email, telephone, or even our snail mail after everything is back if there is anything happens to us by all means.

Oh, one last thing. You need to survive there in your country no matter what. So our item can find you there. Okay? :-)

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