Saturday, May 28, 2011


Thanks to Japan Post Office's new Registered SAL and Airmail Service, now you can track your SAL or Airmail items and insure them up to 6000 yen when you send them by Registered Mail service :-)

Q: What is "Registered SAL and Airmail"?
A: This is a service that applies when the items accepted for delivery get damaged or lost. In such cases the actual damages will be paid in recompense within the range of the insured value stated by the sender at the moment of shipment.

Q: What do you mean by "Track your SAL or Airmail"?
A: Japan Post Office now has their new shipping label for this service and it looks like the one shown on the left. It comes with an unique tracking number and we send your shipping confirmation message to you with this number. 

To start tracking your item, visit Japan Post Office's International site first.

Then you see a search window for your tracking number and simply type in your tracking number to the search window and click "GO" to start your search.  

Q: What do you mean by "insure them up to 6000 yen" ?
A: Japan Post Office has this insurance program for all of their registered SAL & Airmails for maximum value of 6000 yen in actual damage or lost.

Q: How much is it for this "Registered SAL and Airmail" service? 
A: Japan Post Office charges additional 410 yen for this service to what they normally charges for their standard SAL and Airmails. However, we have come to an idea to cover the half of the additional charge of 410 yen (actually we are to cover 210 yen) for you since we no longer use our own shipping labels and printer inks anymore with the new shipping labels from Japan Post Office.

For more details, please see Japan Post Office's site

So, with a little extra 200 yen to the regular SAL and Airmail shipping charges, now you can get:
  • Tracking Number to find out where your packages are.
  • Insurance to cover your items up to 6000 yen in case of a damage or lost.
For these benefits for you and us to save more time and money, we are changing all of our SAL and AIRMAIL to Registered SAL and AIRMAILs from now on. And we sincerely hope this will make you happy and we look forward to being at your service again soon.


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