Thursday, January 13, 2011

Class 5: Setting Up an Online Store (1/12/11)

Class 5: Setting Up an Online Store (1/12/11)
  1. Understanding the Flow of Customers' Online Procedures for Purchasing an Item
    • Who are the customer? They are "Arranged Custoemrs" by CSTOYS.
    • They know who you are. They see you as students of "Mr.S" of CSTOYS.
    • They have some merits of participating this School Project for CSTOYS.
  2. The Flow of our Customers' Online Experience with this Project
    1. Invitation to our School Project.
    2. Description of this Project.
      • This is an educational program that they can join.
      • CSTOYS will issue and cover their shipping fee. (Free Shipping)
      • Attendees's pictures and attendance to this project will be introduced on CSTOYS' YouTube Channel
    3. Visit to the Project's Application Form at CSTOYS's website.
      • Read the details of this Project and understanding their obligations and advantages and make a check on our application form.
      • Fill out all the blank boxes including their food pictures from their home and send them to us from the online form.
      • Proceed to our School Project Online Store. (They are not able to go straight to the online store without finishing the picture uploads.
    4. Shopping at our Project Online Store.
      • Visiting and its store front page.
      • Click on our Project Banner on the left. This will lead our customers to the Project description page and online form.
      • After filling out the form and the uploads, our customers will lead to our Project Online store.
      • They will read the item description which translated by students and click on the purchase button or link.
      • They will be again taken to Paypal Transaction site this time. Paypal Transaction Page
      • Customers log into their own Paypal account for the transaction.
      • After their transactions are completed, each students will receive a "Notification of Payment" from Paypal by e-mail saying "You've got money!"
  3. Today's Activities
    • Selected Selling Item: Kamen Rider Ganbaride Chocolate Snack Vol. 3 Set with 5 Ganbaride Cards
    • Taking Pictures of Item
    • Uploading to Flick site:
    • Testing the taste for the item's impressions and making notes to be translated into English.