Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Changes in our Shipping Handlings


Dear everyone,

We appreciate letting us know how we are doing and it was a great opportunity to have a live chat and talk conference with you. We have just started improving our services as of today, November 11, 2010, and we would like you to know the changes we made:

1. Removal of "Estimated Shipping" from our shopping cart

It has been pointed out by many people, and we also knew, this "Estimated Shipping" which you probably have seen in your shopping cart was quite a misleading information for many of our customers since it was showing only "estimated" shipping fee even our customers are not signed in. Without the registration to our store and sign in, ProStores' system does not know which part of the world you come from, and it didn't make sense at all to show the "estimated shipping" without the address our customers want us to send to. This is probably our another issue to work with ProStores some other time but we finally took it off because people are easily misguided and they think their shipping charges are inflated somehow.
To see the actual shipping fee, please sign in or give it your shipping address so the store can tell you exact shipping fees. And of course, you can cancel your order just before you proceed checkout.

2. NEW Shipping Fee = Japan Post Int'l Shipping Charge + 500 yen (Packing Cost)
What is "packing cost"? It is not the international shipping fee or charge, but another required cost to deliver your toys to your doors. It includes a strong shipping box, bubble wrap to protect your items (or kill your time too :-), and of course, the labor fee for our PacKing, Paqueen, and now Pack Prince as well. Without these minimum handling charges, your items would ever reach your door. We would like you to see and understand that "Packing cost" is also another very essential fee for us and for you too. We looked at our shipping cost configurations at ProStores again and we figured out a way to charge only 500 YEN extra to Japan Post's International Shipping Fees to cover the cost of box, bubble wrapping, and other. This means you can add more toys to your shopping cart as long as the size of our shipping boxes allows you by paying only 500 yen extra to pack your items secure with bubbles by hands of our packing team, transport to your door safely protecting the items with the a brand new box.

Our Henshin has just begun, and we know there are more things we need to pay attention, listen, and improve. We sincerely hope we can keep bringing our toys at our best to you more.

Best Regards,

Masaki Seike
Japan Regional Director
CSTOYS International